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pbSecure Document Security Solutions

pbSecure Document Security

pbSecure Document Security

pbSecure™ is an anti-fraud, anti-counterfeit document evidencing solution that secures any original document at the point of origin.

Unlike conventional paper-based security on important documentation that is lost when the document is copied, pbSecure™ captures the data content of the original document, using Pitney Bowes' proven cryptographic 2D-barcode technologies to sign, secure and print the 2D-barcode on the physical document. This enables anyone, anywhere (even off-line) to instantly verify a document's authenticity, even from a copy.

pbSecure™ is customisable and designed to safely secure academic certificates, mark sheets, contracts, important documents and any other certificate that needs to be protected from tampering and counterfeiting.

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pbSecure: Ground breaking anti-fraud solution for Educational records and Certificates

The problem lies not within the paper, but within the content on the paper.

At first glance, one would think that pbSecure is here to "replace" physical paper security and other advanced printing technologies like micro-text, micro-tint, font reverse, watermarks, chemical sensitisation, embedded fibres, ultraviolet (UV), heat sensitive ink, sequential numbering and many more, but it is not. These are all –and will always remain- the perfect fight against counterfeiting and forgery, especially when it comes to replicating, for instance currency...

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Pitney Bowes thwarts document fraudsters

"Talented fraudsters continue to frustrate private and public sectors with their excellent copies of genuine documents. Finding a way of authenticating personal documentation has become an important goal to eliminate copycat records," says Michael Springer, MD of Pitney Bowes South Africa.

A Fortune 500 company and one of the first companies in the world to introduce the commercial bar code system, Pitney Bowes has developed an encryption-rich hardware- and software-based platform, pbSecure, which is intended to safeguard against this threat.

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